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La Bella Latina is a Spanish language Green Beauty & Eco-living blog for Latinas. Founded by a beauty junkie to inspire the modern chica go green! This blog is all about natural gorgeousness, eco lifestyle, and cruelty free concepts without sacrificing the fun of it all!

Do you think your product, service, or site would be interesting to La Bella Latina readers?

If you have a product you would like for me to review or you’d like to host a eco-chic giveaway contact me at:

Please, do read my review & giveaway guidelines HERE prior to contacting me. Just so ya know!

Me encanta correr la vos sobre nuevos conceptos saludables. Específicamente productos de belleza o de cuidado personal que son considerados económicos, caseros, eco-amigables, naturales, o orgánicos.

Piensas que ofreces un producto/servicio/sitio web que les seria de interés a las lectoras de La Bella Latina?

Si gustarías que haga una reseña sobre tu producto o si gustarías patrocinar un sorteo, ponte en contacto conmigo:

Por favor, lee mis requisitos AQUI antes de contactarme.

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